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Navigating the Publication Process Seminar Series

During June and July 2012 a series of seminars were held for EDG members at the University of Queensland on aspects of the publication process.

Seminars were organized by topic, roughly according to the order in which each aspect would be encountered along the publication process. Each seminar title is in the list below. Scroll down to see a series of links to documents about the topic discussed in each seminar. In most cases, a summary .pdf of the original PowerPoint presentation is provided, along with opinions from the literature and relevant examples.

If you have any questions about general content, please contact Joe Bennett: j.bennett5@uq.edu.au

Journal choice and writing for a specific journal

Lead by Colin Studds and Joe Bennett

- Summary - journal choice and writing
- Annotated list of biodiversity and ecology journals
- Journal rankings & scope expanded - ANU
- Aarsen, 2008, Open Ecol J. Bang. for your buck impact
- Calcagno, 2012 Science. Flows manuscripts
- Enserink, 2012 Science. Open access: how to tell good bad ugly